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Our guided tours 2019
Below you will find information about our guided tours at the Long Night of Architecture 2019.
Please note that we offer the guided tours only in German. 


For more information, please click on one of the location pins.
Participation at the guided tours is only possible with pre-registration.

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Guided Tour: Tradition vs. Modernity – Important Reforms of Munich’s Historic District

Munich’s historic district is still mostly identical to its historic municipal origin of 1158. But several new high-class constructions and restorations show a transformation within the city’s image. The awareness for the necessity of reform is growing, offering an interesting base for discussions on many levels. Tour 1 will show the importance of an exchange between architecture and art within the heart of the city.


Stop 1:        Jewish Center

Stop 2:        Officebuilding Oberanger, Staab Architekten

Stop 3:        Hofstatt, Meili Peter Architekten

Stop 4:        MUCA museum of urban and contemporary art

Stop 5:        AIT–Architektur Salon

Stop 6:        Donisl, Hild and K Architekten
Stop 7:        
Hugendubelhaus, Goergens Miklautz Partner GmbB, München

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Guided Tour: Walking Tour of the Inner City – Innovative Transportation Concepts

The ever-growing population of Munich demands a consistent area management. The few open spaces within the inner city have to be used efficiently. The project “Perspektive Munich” pursues missions such as the opening of ground floor arcades. The extension of the pedestrian precinct also offers relief options. Tour 2 will offer many insights into innovative projects concerned with the organization of transportation within the city.



Stop 1:        Marienplatz, Development and Extension of the pedestrian precinct of Munich

Stop 2:        Sperrengeschoss Marienplatz, Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten with Ingo Maurer Lichtdesign, München

Stop 3:        Marienhof, Infocenter 2. Stammstrecke (internal tour)

Stop 4:        Palais an der Oper, Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, Munich

Stop 5:        Parkhaus Thomas Wimmer Ring, Steidle Architekten with Stefanie Jühling Landscape architect (Speech at WÖHR + BAUER)

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Guided Tour: Construction Culture and Art Appreciation – The Art District

Munich's art district is situated within the heart of the city. It is one of Germany's most important cultural locations with its 16 museums and art galleries and six academies. Every visitor will experience a unique mix of art, culture and academics within just 500 square meters. In our foray through the art area, we will show you countless architectural and cultural highlights. We visit the Thiersch Tower of TUM, that was recently renovated for the 150th anniversary of the Technical University of Munich, which otherwise remains closed for the public. The tour takes us to the architecture bookstore Werner and ends in the Gallery Architekturgalerie Munich, where an exciting architectural exhibiton awaits you.


Stop 1:         NS Dokumentationszentrum, Georg Scheel Wetzel Architekten           

Stop 2:         Egyptian Museum, Peter Böhm Architekten           

Stop 3:         Thiersch Tower of TUM – Refurbishment Architects Schmidt-Schicketanz und Partner GmbH, Munich (Indoor tour)

Stop 4:         Gallery Architekturgalerie Munich

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